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hokkien translator Taiwanese

hokkien translator Taiwanese

我的福建不是那么好, 但是我能講華語 Source(s): I am chinese hokkien, 福建人 2 0 Anonymous 4 years ago Hokkien Translation Source(s): 0
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English To Hokkien Translation

Eng To Hokkien Translator Penang Hokkien English Dictionary Preview By Sunway University Issuu A Practical English Hokkien Dictionary Nus Libraries Post Taiwanese English English Taiwanese Dictionaries Posted Pinyin News Taiwanese English English
I Love You with the Love of the Lord. Penang Hokkien Version - YouTube

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Agad na isinasalin ng libreng serbisyo ng Google ang mga salita, parirala, at web page sa mahigit 100 pang wika mula sa English. Mag-upload ng .doc, .docx, .odf, .pdf, .ppt
Penang Hokkien vs Medan Hokkien - Chineselanguage forum
a hokkien song to translate?
 · Hi everyone! I have a crazy request.. I was drawn to this hokkien song and it is so touching! was trying to find the lyrics but only manage to get the chinese characters. I don’t read chinese ;( but I can speak hokkien. So is there anyone who can translate the song into romanised characters (something like pinyin)? I don’t think there is any so call romanised hokkein language translator out
à bas le ciel: Contextual tones in Hô-ló (Taiwanese Hokkien)

chinese to hokkien translator

HEM OM OSS PRODUKTER Hydraulhammare Rivnings och Sorteringsgripar Hydrauliska Fräsar Pulveriserare (Bredkäftade saxar) Kombinationssaxar Hydrauliska Magneter SERVICE ÅTERFÖRSÄLJARE NYHETER SPECIALERBJUDANDE REFERENSER
Hokkien Dialect Video Episode 1 - YouTube

tagalog to hokkien translation

Open House on the 24th, – 12 mid day to 5 pm.
Amoy Hokkien (Chinese-Fukien) language products
Translate Hokkien. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. Translation Conjugation Vocabulary Grammar Premium Log in Sign up Translation Translated by Show more translations Word-by-word
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hokkien translator online
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Taiwanese Hokkien Translation Service | Taiwanese Hokkien Translator | Taiwanese Hokkien Language Certified Translation Delhi India
Translate my Mandarin Name to Hokkien
 · please help me to translate my mandarin name to hokkien dialect.. my mandarin name is 吳 偉 漢 (Wú Wěi Hàn).. 謝謝! It would be Go’ Ui-han in the widely ued POJ system. If you are saying “Hokkien” I assume you have a lot to do with Southeast Asian Hokkien
Learning Hokkien reminded me of the importance of never forgetting where you came from

Hokkien: How Do You Say “Thank You” ·

Podcast Transcript | Hokkien: How Do You Say “Thank You” Hi everyone! My name is Eugene and once again, welcome to Hokkien – How Do You Say Podcast on today’s podcast, we will be covering a commonly-used phrase in everyday life
A FUN Hokkien Story With Life Lessons - YouTube
Translation for ‘Hokkien’ in the free English-Norwegian dictionary and many other Norwegian translations. Did you know? All our dictionaries are bidirectional, meaning that you can look up words in both languages at the same time.
Language Log » Hokkien-Tagalog-English-Spanish phrasebook
Taiwanese Hokkien Translation Service
Taiwanese Hokkien language (臺灣閩南語) commonly known as Taiwanese is a variant of Hokkien spoken by about 70% of the population of Taiwan.The largest linguistic group in Taiwan, in which Hokkien is considered a native language, is known as Hoklo or Hō-ló..
Basic Hokkien - Part 2 of 2 - YouTube
Hokkien Translation Services
Hokkien Translation Services We provide bespoke Translation Services for documents and more. If you’re looking for a translator at reasonable rates you’ve come to the right place. Hokkien Translations from 13p per word is an online
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HOKKIEN Translator and Interpreter
HOKKIEN Translator / Interpreter Teh, Cecelia 416-292-0347 416-857-1433 BURMESE, FUJINESE, HOKKIEN, MINAN [email protected] Toronto

Hokkien Translators
Flexible Hokkien translation for any Hull business sector Whether your language requirement is standard or rare our highly experienced Hokkien translators can handle any type of document from legal contracts, witness statements, business reports, housing applications, medical reports, websites, marketing materials, presentations, technical guides and patents.
à bas le ciel: Contextual tones in Hô-ló (Taiwanese Hokkien)
English to Fookien/Hokkien Translation?
 · Hokkien- pai seh, wa eh hokkien mu si jin ho, dan shi wa eh hiao gong hua geh. Chinese- 對不起